Hello !!

This is sirjana subba. Sirjana in Khas-Nepali language means creation. In my sirjana, you can see multiple faces of sirjana. I hope you will like it.


51 thoughts on “About”

      1. सुझावकाे लागि धन्यवाद । म लिम्बू भाषा जान्दिन तर सिक्ने प्रयासमा छु । मैले जानेकाे कुरा अरूसंग सेर गरेकाे छु यश ब्लगमा । how to learn Limbu भनेर छुट्टै एउटा लेख छ यसै ब्लगमा हेर्नु हाेला ।


  1. Dear Khas Nepali lover ji (if I’m not wrong),

    By the way, I’m also a lover of Khas-Nepali language as you are otherwise I would not have use Khas-Nepali language in my blog. Of course, I also love my native language which is Limbu-Nepali language and that does not mean I have to undermine Khas-Nepali language. Talking about my name, I have Khas-Nepali name which is very beautiful for what it means and I’m very proud to have that name and that is the truth and you should be proud of that as well. If you ever could say that this is my Limbu-Nepali name then I will bow you. This is not about undermining each other language and culture but its about living in co-existence in dignity.

    When it comes to technology, we are far back and we’ve just started using Khas-Nepali unicode and just think yourself, what could be the situation of that language which has gone through suppression for so many years?


  2. Dear unknown Khas lover jee

    With proud would like to say we still have virginity of our identity, a tradition old language and script. It is not that much difficult to create a blog then to browsing and reading it by khas lovers.

    Pls note that, visibility of language is not enough to deserve one’s rights. We are fighting against all short of discrimination which eliminating the real color and identity of IP.



  3. Bahini Srijana

    I admire you the work you have been doing like your name, always keen to create new things. Keep it up, not only you but many people will be enlighted by you.
    Do not frustrate with unhealthy comment of some evil spirit people because they are born criminal so never changed their attitude of rappacious and never tolerate creativeness. Just let them to be confined in hell of jealousy. Dai alwyas supports your Srijanshil works.



  4. aba khas Nepali bolnu, lekhnu pani copy right tirnu parne bhaesakyo ki kyaho Nepal ma? ani sapana sutukka Khas Nepali bhasama dekhyo bhane ni?
    laaaaaaaa aba ma kun bhasa bolnu? afno Lapche bhasa siknu bhanda Nepali lai sandhai maya gare sandhai !!!!!!!!!
    Srijana, this is what I really love about our Nepali people, they always have things to say……. rather than to do! this makes you love Nepal and Nepali even more.
    I enjoy reading what ever you post.
    so keep it up!
    you can start blog in your own language but please do keep writing in Khas Nepali also so that I can enjoy reading them, I don’t mind sharing copyright cost if there should be any.
    All the best!
    Daniel Karthak (danoo)
    {mero naam chahi Bible ko ho hai! ma Nepali Lapche Christian ho ni pheri, anyatha nasamjhi dinu hola}


  5. नमस्कार to all!
    मैले जानेसम्म blog मा आफ्नो व्यक्तिगत विचारधारा कुनै पनि language मा पोख्‍न पाईन्छ। That doesn’t matter. यत्ति हो अरुको धर्म र मर्मलाई ठेस नपुगोस् आफ्नो ती विचारहरुले। What do you say? Agreed?


  6. didi namaste,
    didi its good to see ur superb blog with its goodest!!!(i mean best)contents and hope to see more interesting and knowledge filled contents in coming days.
    i condemn Kash Nepalis comments regarding your name.
    i support ur comment regarding that and like to add more
    man!u don’t worry we are preparing the font in our own language but right now we are just lending your language to enrich ours(including yours so called Khash),
    man! we are people of NEw LOKTANTRIK NEpal so PlZ leave your HAGEMONISTIC approach to your DOORSTEPS and come to join hands together to maintain the integrity.


  7. Nice to see your blog. even tittle is good:ganthan manthan. I didnot go through line by line. but over all it’s not that bad.Sign is very good and attempt is praiseworthy.If you continue your creation, no doubt you will be very good writer one day. my bless is with you.

    one thing i like about you is that you are actively above than ordianry nepalese women. most of the nepalese women’s idea about what to and how think and other mental precess of thinking and planning and physical activities is not at the level – able to attract my attention.

    i do like to have more conversation with but not now, at this moment i am bg with my task. when i end my task, i will be back for you.

    till then, good bye


  8. hellow sanka limbu jee kaslai evil spirit people bhaneko ?afai testo hola hai..you might saying to khusiyali but he/she is speaking truth.U also runing after discrimintaion?damn man..sankar,the god speaks like some thing from hell?you crazy ..sankar.mind your language.dont run after anyone ok..take this comment as the pill for your illness of your mind,come over from illness soon.


  9. नेपाली भाषा लै खस भाषा रे??????? थुक्क तिमीहरु को बुद्धि……
    खस हरु को ठेट भाषा त कर्णाली प्रदेश मा बोल्ने खस, दोत्याली र केहि हद सम्म संस्कृत पनि हो…. खस हरु पहिलेको बिशाल नेपाल मा पर्ने कुमाउ र गढवाल मा पनि बस्छन….. ’emले बोल्ने भाषा र हाम्रो नेपाली भाषा मा धेरै फरक छ…… मुख्येताया खस हरु र अरु नेपाली हरु बीच सम्पर्क हुदै, भाषा परिस्कृत हुदै जादा आजको नेपाली भाषा बनेको हो……र यो भाषा संसार मा बस्ने नेपाली हरुको साझा भाषा बनेको हो………………….बरु म खस हरुमा महानता देख्छु…….आफ्नो खस भाषा र जातिए संकीर्णता छोडेर नेपाली भाषा लै नै आफ्नो ठानी सके……… तर हामि जनजाति भनिने हरु…अझै पनि हाम्रो सोचाई मा दरिद्रता छ……… तेसैले पनि हामि अझै नेपाली नबनी जनजाति बनिरहेका छौ…..
    नेपाली भाषा को बिरोध गरेर हिन्दी लाई रास्ट्रवासा बनाउने धेरै ठुलो सदेंत्र हुदै छ……….. …… एस्तो सद्येंत्र लै चिर्न जनजाति हरु अघि आउने पर्छ……….नेपाली भाषा
    बिरोधि इन्डियन दलाल हरुको भण्डाफोर गरौ…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    जय नेपाल, जय नेपाली


  10. Sewaro,

    Came across this blog and found it very informative. Actually, I help run the Yakthung Chumlung Association of Calgary (Canada) website and I have shared one of your articles on ‘Yadang Phongma’ and have sourced you as the author. I hope that is OK with you. If you have any issues with us sharing your article, we will promptly remove it from our website.

    Again, this is an excellent blog to learn about our culture. Thank you for all work.



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