Name of Limbu Gods/Godesses

There are several gods and goddesses in Limbu community. Each god has different roles and responsibilities. Here are names of Limbu god and goddesses.

  1. Akawanama = goddess of land
  2. Ashek Sammang = serpent god
  3. Kemba Sammang = god who protects from accidents, illness, etc .
  4. Theba Sammang
  5. Khanjama = goddess who lives in low land
  6. Khabeso Thakphumang = god of home
  7. Khijora Menjora Mang = goddess of loom
  8. Cherungma = goddess who saves from evil eye
  9. Taksangba = god of the jungle, forest god
  10. Taktakunungma = supreme power
  11. Tagera Ningwaphuma = Omnipotent god
  12. Tambhung = goddess of forest
  13. Tungdunge = one of the clan god (god who controls anger, state of mind, etc.)
  14. Tenchhama = goddess of a village (protects from mental illness)
  15. Thakphuppa Kappo = god of house, grandfather god
  16. Namhangma = a god (god who saves from illness of eye, ear, nose, skin, etc.)
  17. Payanglungma = a god (who control anger)
  18. Meyang Sammang =  Cat god (who protects kitchen garden)
  19. Misek = Fire god
  20. Miframa = God who protects children
  21. Mukkum Mujoklungma = Supreme powerful creator
  22. Mukkum Sam = Soul who gives power
  23. Mujoklung Mubokwa = creator
  24. Muden = a god (who protects human)
  25. Munam Mang = goddess who protects from heart disease
  26. Muya Sammang = Eagle god
  27. Musappin Khesappin Mang, Nisammang = god of knowledge and wisdom
  28. Muhik = a goddess (who helps in child birth)
  29. Yang Sammang = goddess of wealth
  30. Yamlenggen Sumnimang = who knows everything (past, present and future)
  31. Yam Sammang = goddess of health
  32. Yuma Mang = Reincarnation of Tagera Ningwaphu Mang in a form of powerful old lady to protect human beings (main deity of Limbus)
  33. Yobadangba = god of land, god who protects from skin diseases
  34. Laklungma = goddess who protects children
  35. Lademma = goddess who protects from blindness
  36. Lepmuhang = reincarnation of god (to protect human beings from calamities)
  37. Warakma = god of water (protects pregnant women)
  38. Sawa Sammang = Monkey god
  39. Sesemang Sangsangmang = holy soul

source: Limbu-Nepali-English Dictionary


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