Everyone has a story to tell: One Year of Earthquake

Everyone who survived 25 April 2015 earthquake has a story to tell. That story of survival and devastation is in our minds as they are of yesterday. Every aftershock reminds us of the moment where earth d like never before.

Every day we think of earthquake, aftershock, shock, jolt or shake. Every shake, even it is not a quake, we got terrified. when a baby moves a bed with her innocent jump, we get up terrified thinking it as earthquake. When a big truck pass by and shakes the ground with its heavy load and sound, it feels like quake. Our mind is tangled around earthquake. There is no day there was not a post about earthquake in social media and online news portals. People keep on sharing the news and astrologer’s calculation on upcoming earthquake (the big one). Some commenting as fake and many still fearful.

Every social gathering, there is a bit of a talk on earthquake. Everyone has story to tell, one stuck in a bathroom and other in a mall, one in stairs of five-storey building and other in a lift, one in a cinema hall and other in a playground, one in hospital bed panicking and other in a house trying to run as fast as one can, one in the temple praying and other under the rubble fighting with death. Every story is interesting as other.

Everyone has additional story to tell about “the life under a tent”. Meeting with neighbours we never talked with, finding out where they originally from, sharing food and drinks we had, talking how fierce nature could be. It was the time when we also knew our strength and weaknesses. It was the time when we see the true colour of our family, friends and neighbours. Again there are stories of support, help, betrayal, discrimination and illtreatment to tell about.

Those who survived are capable of telling their stories but those who lost their life also had stories. How they died, where they died, they died young and they died old, they died alone or they died together with someone, how they lived their life and so on.

Many many stories, many many memories – some we do not want to forget and some do not let us forget. Everyone has a story to tell of the great Earthquake.

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