These are the few lines I joted thinking about a woman since March is the month of women.

I am a woman
I am a mother
I have a power to procreate
I have a power to create life
I live thousand lives
I make
World life complete
I am an eternal power.


24 thoughts on “Woman

  1. hey neem jee ,i never loose ,so do i win.you are a man of no thinking capacity…you better hang ur self…i will help you in that gud work..am i a child??huh!!!!!!your eyes are of child ,so you see others as child,right?when a dog barks more…let me not tell other lines of this to you coz u know it well as you are a part of this proverb.I dont want to debate you any more coz i left blogging….it is long time ever since i havent visited seema jees blog .I came here not to debate you but to see seema jees creation.Go your own way and i too.Take care and it is nice debating you…i enjoyed it ,,take care once more bye


  2. Prakash ji,

    You are explaining ur character yourself. Need no justification. You are using all those idiotic words which makes you nothing more than a child.Seems like your mentality is just like 5 year old kid crying and shouting.. Just to make sure you always win ;).


  3. Prakash ji YOU!!! Have presented yourself to the level of your thought, which reminds me of a proverb “A person can only express to his level of knowledge, attitude and behavior and cannot go beyond”.

    I think you are lunatic since you don’t know how to comment critique. You should be aware; this is a critique FORUM and we don’t use any abuse words.

    Remember while pointing finger to others rest are pointing towards u. Clever ,the Cleverest ?!?@# U know In Nepali we have proverb “Badar dherai jannae bhayo bhane………”

    I hope u understand this.

    Have Nice Day


    1. Neem jee,
      I don’t think anything will happen.Nepali proverb “Badar dherai janne bhayo bhanay….re ani tapai ko baba lai khoi kehi bhayena ta?tapai lai kehi bhayena ?kina neem jee,you are bullshit..a man losses when he reacts no more..u lost man..u are a cowherd.


  4. hi seema jee,let us know how u feel about the conversation betn. me and Neem jee.Well seema jee,it is your time to evaluate who is going crazy?whom do you think is with ill mind(Neem jee?Me?)?I need you to answer with out partial…..waiting ur reply.


  5. Alright Neem bro,Thanks Seema jee for accommodating my messages in your site.
    Infact ,it is my pleasure to meet some ill mind people in your blog.I always like to give better treatment for those rascals and get much more experience.I know the exact quantity of load to be loaded in ass to make it walk in the right order.
    But unfortunately this time i have to load some more loads coz ass seemed quite mad.
    Any way, it is my time to get experience with..take care neem jee and thanks for providing arrows,as u know bow is with me,i will soon throw out one arrow and no doubt i will hit the target.Take courage..check me out clicking my photo as it appears right to comment and get my contact.
    finally Neem jee,sorry for i gave you problem to create this extra yahoo account(coolcrystal@yahoo.com) for use with me.Gud idea,as i checked the registered date and gotz it registered some days ago..hahahhah ..clever ,the cleverest..huhuhhu


  6. hey there neem jee,might other frens are thinking we both as crazy..haha.any way i dont want to talk u here ,how u think about talking personally..?that really works for both.can we talk personally?i will give u the real defi of ur saying..oks talk me in IM


  7. Prakasji good to meet you too
    Its neither rubbish nor news my friend !!!
    It’s hot gossip in the country update yourself 🙂

    “Bhujne lai shreekhanda nabhujne lai Khurpako baed”

    Have a nice day !!!!


  8. Neem jee,are u crazy??what the hell u wrote?hahahha…there isnt any thing such related to write about democracy,constitution and bla bla ,rather ,write a news about it and send that to seema jee..any way i got u a regular visitor of this blog..thanks and anticipate to meet u again through comment.thanks


  9. Hey it’s a stubborn child’s comment who don’t want to give up and wants to pull everything he has around. My fren it’s a democratic country
    and it has been achieved with thousands of People’s blood shed. Wake up !! The whole thing ended with the Right to freedom of expression that is even written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the first article of the Interim Constitution and I guess the New Constitution that is to be written soon.

    It’s my appreciation and acceptance of a woman’s thought that she has tried to make a statement of how she feel about herself and my thought of STILL, she has to fight against the traditional thought no matter even if they are young and borrows it from their ancestor.

    I suggest you to think twice before you make any statements.


  10. Well seema jee,thanks for your gud answer.I appreciated.At this moment you would better say to me that ”i sud be away from the poem and dont have other alternatives ”right?well that is exactly what i don’t want .I agreed you now but…how comes this Neem Bahadur jee?i suggest neem bahadur jee to go through the comment once before submitting.well Neem bahadur jee,you just landed your words pointing towards but if iam needed to brust myself for you,i will make you lye down like the poisoned dog.
    seema jee,never think iam proudy but the difference is that people says ”they can” do but i feel ”only i” can do.kidding..


  11. Prakash ji,

    I got your point and I’ve alreay told you that ‘man is a seed and woman is a land’ and if you don’t agree with this then I don’t have to say anything.

    I think poems are written when you want to express your feeling about something at that particular moment. And I wrote it when I had this feeling and I’m happy for what I wrote and I don’t think you need to be happy with it.

    Neem and Ekal Yatri ji,

    Thanks for thoughtful comments.


  12. Hey that’s really sweet poem, a internal thought of a women. I applaud for thee creation and thy thought. I went through the conversation i guess it’s a male sobenistic thought that always wants to dominate her liberty. It is not a man’s fault always finding it hard to understand a woman within women, her thoughts, her enthusiasm and so on………but always tries load tons and tons of his version. I guess that is how we are brought up with the domain of PATRIARCHAL value system that has been induced into us from the day we are born and once we burst into cry to struggle to survive. We start sex discrimination of boy or a girl and goes on in every sphere of life from day to step in and day to die in every forms as different roles they have to play. It is undoubtedly true men do have the same power but i guess we need to rethink on our value system where we have a place for women to express herself without any hesitation and fear.

    Let us my friend join hand together and applaud the thought of this beautiful lady who wants to be proud who she is. 🙂


  13. srijana jee thanks hai..but still iam not satisfied with you ,you sud answer my question.U wrote that ”i have power to create thousand ……”is that only women ?women without man creates nothing with regard to life creation..so poem semed to be quite unfulfilled some where .might some corner of poem still missed something (you got it?),have a look once please. Do not think i do……to women hai..i respect them but i only wanna say poem missed some things in its angle.


  14. Well, this is just the women’s side of story. We have been reading men’s side of the story (his story = history) from our childhood. So, there’s nothing to worry.

    Definately, man and woman live forever coz man is a seed and woman is a land.


  15. i dont agree,is only women is the one who lives forever????damn!man also lives forever then women..u know together women and man lives forever……i do not agree basanta


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