Why I like Shahrukh Khan?

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Many people like Shahrukh Khan (SRK) and I’m not the exceptional to like him. Once, a male friend of mine asked me, “why most of the girls like Shahrukh Khan?” AT that time, I did not replied but later on I started to think because he is also my favourite. Then I asked myself ‘why do I like Shahrukh Khan?’ and gradually other questions started to come with this question. It was like this.


Do I like SRK’s looks?

Yes, I like his looks. He has a simple look and he doesn’t look like a model.

What do I mean by he doesn’t look like a model?

That is his specialty. I mean he doesn’t have physique like a male model, he doesn’t have handsome look but he has some kind of sparkle in his face that makes him special. That makes him one among us, an average person in our society.

Is he a good actor?

Yes, definitely. He’s a good actor.

There are other good actors as well, what about them?

They are also good but SRK is different.

What is different about him?

Oh! His eyes talk.

What do I mean by his eyes talks?

I mean his emotions can be seen in his eyes. Happiness, sadness, frustration and so on. He even cries.


This makes him different. He broke the image that hero should be strong, protective and intelligent. He broke the image of ‘angry young man’ established by Amitab Bachan. Amitab Bachan established the image of ‘angry young man’ and created his identity and now SRK broke that image and established a crying emotional man. A man who cries when he could not fulfill his dream. A man who cries when he could not protect his family/beloved in crisis. He also gets beaten from villains and beats villains when he has support.

Ok, is there other thing that I like about him?

Oh! yes. I consider him a true actor than just a hero because he has acted as a college going young man to college teacher, an intelligent man as well as dumb, psychopath villain as well as diehard lover, loving husband to deceiving husband, serious and comedy. He break the tradition that actor who can play the role of hero can also play the role of villain.


After having conversation to myself, I came to the conclusion that I like SRK because he is an actor who broke gender stereotype in Hindi feature films.


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