Just a thought in the sky

I was flying in the sky (of course, in the plane). I was watching white clouds and their black shadows in the hills. I was thinking, if we could walk on this cloud how easy or difficult would it be to walk there. It looks easy to walk on the snow but it is not that easy to walk on the snow. Human beings are ment to walk on grounds but we sometime walk on the cloud. It is also not unnatural for human beings to walk on the cloud. We like to walk on the cloud and that is why we imagined lots of things and among them flying machines are one of them. Now, we are able to fly in the sky physically and may be some day we’ll be able to walk on them, having a special device.


That was a talk of walk on a cloud – physically but in literature walk on the cloud has different meaning. Well, my thought at that time was not on the walk on cloud but on the hills and mountains, hills, gorges, rivers and river basins. I was looking at the clouds and suddenly, I talked to myself, “oh! May be I know some mountains and hills down there”. Then I started to look them carefully, their structure – forest, river, human settlement, road connection and so on. Some of them look familiar and some don’t.



I lived in Biratnagar for seven months and I visited Kathmandu more than a dozen times. That means, I flew that way more than 24 times. When you saw somebody for more than 24 times you recognize them because you see and hear him/her making moves but we humans do not remember the things that do not make moves or noise. This is another human nature. This applies also to human beings themselves. So, these mountains, hills and rivers were silent from many many years and we pass by them unnoticed. There are few people who recognizes them as well and they were extraordinary, like Dr. Harka Gurung. When ever I pass by them unknown (for me) mountains, hills and river, I think of Dr. Harka most of the times because of his ability to recoginize them. This time I did not remember him but I was trying to use my own experience. But I my effort went into vein. However, I managed to recognize Koshi river because of the large landscape that she has covered.



Koshi is really like a goddess with her wide connections of small rivers from everywhere. It was amazing how she look, up from the sky. She does not have water flowing in her way but there were beaches, wet-lands, forests and settlement of people in her path. How many vegitation she might have? I cannot answer that. There must be someone studied on this subject who could answer this.


Leaving that large landscape of Koshi, we enter into the mosic that has made by artist named farmer/s. This beautiful landscape of gara (i.e. small portion of land separated from other land in the form of rectangle), farm-land filled with different colour of green, brown, golden brown and different colour of earth, green trees, small pata khadi (pond made for processing jute and rare fish) and houses. I could see this painting upto the point where my eyes could see. These amazing landscapes (of my country) always fascinate me to travel more and more (even though I got scared of flying sometime).  In the meantime, Airhostess announces, “We’re landing in Biratnagar Airport in few minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts.” My chain of thoughts broke with this announcement and I started to think of hot climate of Biratnagar.


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