Children Says Everything!!

In the last week of December 2007, I visited Dhankuta and there I got the opportunity to visit Children’s Winter Camp.  Children in the camp has made pictures and when I saw them, my mouth was opened.  I don’t know who has made these art pieces and what title they have given to these art but I can see what they are saying.  You can also have a look on some of the arts.





Children singing songs in child home in Dhankuta.


When I came back home (Kthmandu), I got an interesting expressing from my nephew. He put two tuki (emergency lightes) on his head because he wants to be Junkiri (fire fly)…


Children can express everything – war, peace, happiness and sadness and all you need is a heart to understand it.


5 thoughts on “Children Says Everything!!”

  1. The Dhankutta is beautifull Place of eastern Nepal. It’s your first time of visit for Dhankutta? Or you have been to there also before? any way ! you have update about your jurny I am so happy . I would like to go there . I had been to there before 11 years ago. when I was a chilhood. but also I am remembering that . there are very beautifull place and seen . so I like that. And how do you fill about the dhankutta?


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