My First Visit to Hotel Soaltee

soaltee.jpgWell, this morning, I visited Hotel Soaltee for the first time in my life.  You must be surprised to know this but this is true.  I never had a need to go there.  It would not have been possible if Mr. Meheta had not invited me there to have breakfast there.  I met him yesterday at Biratnagar airport when our flight was delayed.  He wanted to start a business which is eco-friendly.  Since, I’m interested in working in the area of biodiversity his idea got my attention.  Without thinking I said yes to his proposal.


When I was drinking tea this morning, I got the call from Mr. Pokhrel (Mr. Meheta’s colleague) and asked me to bring my friend (who has done marketing before because Mr. Meheta said that he would like to work with smart people and education is not important for him) along with me.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet with businessman and know their ideas.  So, I called him and asked him to be ready to go and meet with them.  I pick him up on the way to Soaltee.  We headed to Hotel Soaltee one hour before thinking that we might caught into traffic.  As today is a holiday of Loshar, there was not much traffic so we reach there half an hour ahead.  We sit on the lobby.  There was a Christmas tree and boxes of gifts on its base, at the entrance.  Whole lobby was decorated with Christmas accessories – flowers, curtain, ginzer-bread and so on.  There were nice couches and chairs in the lobby and we sit on one of the couch.  It is not a surprise to have such type of furniture in such hotel.  But I always get fascinated with the paintings that are decorated in the hotels.  There were some nice paintings in the wall.  One artist was also selling his paintings to some guests out there and I was peeping at his painting each time he showed to them to the guests.

We had to wait for about an hour to see Mr. Pokhrel.  When he came, we had a nice chat.  I introduced my friend to him.  After some time, Mr. Mudbhari came and we introduced ourselves.  As we started to talk, Mr. Mudbhari asked my friend’s experience, qualification and CV.  When my friend said that he is studying in B.B.S. and he has some skills in marketing, he said, “You are not qualified for this job. If we had any position that suits you, we’ll call you ”.  My friend was surprised to hear this and so am I.  So, I cut the conversation saying that they must be very busy and we should leave. 

We came back with disappointment.  Before coming home, we sit together and had a cup of tea.  After departing from my friend, I telephoned Mr. Pokhrel and said that I was not happy with the talk and told him that we had not asked for the job.  I could not keep this feeling of disappointment with me only so I told him what I had thought about the meeting. 

Different people have different perspective.  We are struggling to do something and we might not have money or managerial or marketing skills but still we believe we know something and we want to do something.  In this process, we got offered job without asking and we got disqualified at the same time….without asking.  This is world …. everyday we keep on learning. 

I did not get the opportunity to meet Mr. Meheta again.  I don’t know what he has thought and asked me to meet him.  But yesterday he told me that we have to be positive in order to lead happy and prosperous life.  I’m taking his advice and I’m taking it positively.  Because of him, I got the opportunity to visit Hotel Soaltee and to be more careful before saying ‘yes’ to anything.    


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