About two years ago, a friend of mine gave me a small plant called “African Violet”.  I always wanted to have that plant in my home.  So, I try to take care of it.  In the course of taking care, I touched the plant so much that I almost kill it. Then I decided not to touch the plant too much, however, I gave it enough light and water to make it alive. To my surprise, it started to grow.  Every time, I watched the plant and counted the leaves (When I got the plant it has tiny three leaves and now it has many). I consulted with others about this plant. One person told me that she flowered African Violet in three months. But mine, it has already passed more than a year and hasn’t grown enough to give flower.  I was little bit sad but I was not disappointed. With the knock of summer, this year, my hope raise high seeing my plant giving its buds.  Finally, it gave a beautiful violet flower a couple of day ago.  In my home, so many flowers blooms and dies each year but this bloom has a special place in my heart and mind.  This bloom is never going to die because I framed it in my camera. Even when it is not there I can see the bloom.

It always refreshes my mind and I think this is the most beautiful gift I ever had.  


12 thoughts on “Bloom”

  1. Well…though I am not a person who like to plant flowers but I do say I very much like them. The story behind the African Violet seems really interesting. That kind of closeness is a kind of love that has inspired Einstein to develop E=mc square, Edison to invent the light bulb, Right Brothers to invent Aeroplane and Newton to discover gravitation. Some people think that those things are craziness but it is the thing that has created the new inventions, theories, formulas and literatures. I do salute that kind of love and wish everyone has some kind of it which results the the creation of great things. Cheers….


  2. hi sirjana didi
    i liked ur story of blooming ur flowers very much. i am also a great lover of flowers especially orchids. same like yours my orchid bloomed this year. i was so happy to see them blooming. i felt with my hands and cheeks everyday. i missed that flower so much when i was in dhangadi. now the flower is in my memmory only.
    that orchid bloomed after two years of my waiting.

    i think planting flower is creation of ours because we plant, water and take great care of it to make it bloom. blooming flower gives us a joy inside our hearts and it energizes our brain too. so i like flowering plants as compared to cactus and non flowering plants.

    that’s why i want all of u to plant your own flower to get inner happiness and live life happily.

    see u bye


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